Royal School of Technology, Sweden (KTH) and Energeotek starts cooperation on deep geothermal systems.

Energeotek's research, development and preparations to establish Energeotek's innovative and potentially revolutionary new renewable energy system NxGeo for conversion of abundant low temperature geothermal heat to electricity, heating and cooling for Smart Sustainable Cities and industries worldwide now advances further together with KTH.

KTH conducts research and development within the geoenergy and geothermal fields. These activities are among other organized under the institutions of Energy Systems and Geology. Within KTH's insitution for Energy Systems this research and development among other is gathered under the so called Effsys-programs. The cooperation among other includs that KTH's Master Students will get the opportunity, using advanced computer simulation systems, to further study, document and visualize the thermo dynamic effects of the renewable baseload energy systems that the NxGeo-systems' deep geothermal heat exchanger systems include.

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