Business Idea

Develop, package and productify system solutions for the most efficient and sustainable geothermal energy plants.

Business Model

Offer of turn-key solutions based on technological "state-of-the-art" and in terms of products packaged in various value-added offers tailored to customer needs.

Next Generation Geothermal Energy

Based on research and development conducted during 2011-2013 Energeotek AB developed a new unique system solution named NxGeo®. Next generation Efficiency Optimized Geothermal Energy Solution" . NxGeo® enables highly effective energy-and power production as in electricity where the temperature in the ground is high enough, heating and cooling as well as cascade-based low-temperature heating products from geothermal wells.

This groundbreaking innovative system solution enables completely new types of geothermal power plants producing energy for heating and cooling and a number of value added mid-and low-temperature energy products.

Some of the unique characteristics of geothermal power plants that will be built and equipped according to the NxGeo® power plant specifications include:

- The ability to produce electricity, heating and cooling as well as mid and low temperature cascade heating products based on low temperature geothermal wells, also delivering electricity from input heating water with a temperature as low as approximately 50° Celsius where emergency power or other kinds of independant power generation is needed.

- Technical specifications and requirements allow the location of the NxGeo® power plants practically on all locations on the globe.

- The NxGeo® process produces no waste such as liquid, vapor or exhausts during the energy production process-all liquid is re-injected back into the well.

- The NxGeo® geothermal power plant systems are rapidly deployed compared to alternative power production such as fossil-, hydro-and nuclear plants.

The Better Alternative

Geothermal energy is an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly energy source. The technique can be applied almost anywhere on earth. Production of electricity and heat is continuous throughout the day, all year round unlike for example wind power, that only produces electricity when the wind blows. As the oil reserves diminishes we need alternative renewable energy sources as a replacement. All oil production in the world falls annually, oil will be available commercially for about 20 years but not at today's prices, coal extraction is not a good idea environmentally. Carbon stocks last for about 100 years, uranium will last for 20 years. It is a fact that we need to change to renewable energy sources as soon as possible in order to be able to meet the energy demand. A geothermal plant uses 1/9:th of the area as a coal power plant and blends into the environment.

A Win-win Situation

By using modern technology the energy production is safe and enviroment friendly with no pollution. Common with other traditional power plants that run on fossil fuels, construction cost is high but lower than for a conventional coal plant with carbon dioxide trap. The payback time for a geothermal power plant of 2 MW is short, this depends on size MW and price of sold energy kWh. Due to up scaling effect, every installed MW costs less for a larger power plant. Life expectancy is at least 100 years.

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